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3KW Grid-Tied-Solar Project

Solar Energy
Solar power is energy from the sun and without its presence all life on earth would end. Solar energy is not only sustainable, it is renewable and this means that we will never run out of it. It is about as natural a source of power as it is possible to generate electricity.
Afghanistan is fortunate enough to have good solar energy potential in the region, with more than 300 sunny days in a year with an average solar radiation of 6.5 kWh/m2/day.
Solar Energy Resources in Different Parts of the Country


The First Grid-Tie PV Solar System in Afghanistan

The “Grid-Tie with Battery Backup PV system” is the first grid-tie PV solar system in Afghanistan. The system is not directly connected to the electric grid like the rest of the buildings, but is always powered through the inverter and/or charge controller. If the building consumes more than what the solar system produces, the supplement is taken from the utility grid.
If the system generates over and above what the building needs, it go back to utility grid and the utility company can credit your power bill by net-metering system. Also when the grid is down but there is enough sun light, the system with the PV modules and battery bank can provide power to the backup circuits of the building. No switches are necessary with the system. Power usage is done automatically.
This project is financially supported by GIZ and implemented by a local afghan company called Zularistan.
The First Pilot Grid-tie solar project


Benefits of the PV Solar System

  • Reduces our dependence on utility grid.
  • Reduce the load on the utility grid.
  • Reduce our electricity usage and bill.
  • Will have always power.
  • Can sell electricity to the utility company.
  • It is clean energy.

Overview of the Existing System

No Descriptions Voltage(V) Unit Unit Capacity Total Capacity
1 Solar PV modules 17 DC 36 80W 2880W
2 Battery 12 DC 8 120 AH 11520 WH
3 Inverter 220 AC 1 3kW 3kW

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