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REN Database

Afghanistan Renewable Energy Database 2nd Phase
The First ever Renewable Energy Database in Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s Renewable Energy Database is the first ever online Renewable Energy Database in Afghanistan. Renewable Energy Database has all the updated information regarding the renewable energy projects in different parts of Afghanistan. Renewable energy Database is not only a database but it is also an indicative map of Afghanistan which shows all different types of renewable energy projects ( MHP, Solar, Wind, Biomass and Geothermal ) along with their location, capacity, number of connections, project status etc. At bottom of the page it also shows a summary of total renewable energy potential and number of projects in Afghanistan addition to that of each renewable energy type summary in Afghanistan.

Renewable energy database is intended to provide information about all completed, under construction and surveyed renewable energy projects, renewable energy manufacturing and supplying companies, maps, informative tables and statistics and potentials of renewable energy resources in different parts of Afghanistan. This database will organize the data storage, conveniently retrieve the selected data and present the selected data in a convenient format.
The 2nd phase of RE database will be in English and Dari languages, and also it will be able to print graphs and tables and produce reports for different zones, provinces and sources.

The objectives behind development of REN Database 2ND phase are as follows:

  • A systematized collection of data that can be assessed immediately
  • and manipulated by a data processing system for a specific purpose.
  • Provide security, safety and storage to data.
  • Easy access to data, and to process the data faster.
  • Greater data integrity and independence from applications programs.
  • Easy source for getting all information relating Renewable energy in Afghanistan.
  • Provide necessary information relating to all Renewable energy projects to all stakeholders.
  • Organize all data related to renewable energy sector.
  • Present the selected data in a convenient way.
  • Present and organize data according to the needs of the users.
  • Provide a source for integrity, sharing and retrieval of data.

How Renewable Energy Database Works?
Renewable energy projects can either be searched by specific province by typing the name of the particular province, district or village in database search engine or by energy type (MHP, Solar, Wind, Biomass or Geo-thermal) which can be further filtered by selecting the status of the projects (Completed, Under construction or surveyed) to get the required information about the Renewable Energy projects.

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